About the breed

Most Otterhounds live as family pets in our days, this compliments the breed as the Otterhound has a very friendly and loving character.
But as you can see in the name,
it was originally bred in the UK to hunt the fish otter.
  Therefor he is a perennial, water loving, sturdy hunting dog with a very good nose.


There are very few hunting packs left today, which mainly hunt for the musk-rat, nutria and mink, because otter hunting became illegal in the late 1970's. Few Otterhounds are in the ownership of hunters and are  now mostly used to track injured prey.
In the past few years more dog handlers of rescue groups are showing an interest in the Otterhound due to its qualities as a Man-trailer.

A wonderful Description of this breed has been written
(as a highschool project)
Ari Yanover  
Just click on the title below

"The rare Otterhound"

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Last Update 30.10.2015


---Shows 2016---

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-- Mantrailing- Seminare 2016--

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---Club meeting ---

The next Otterhound get-together
in Ingelheim
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---Important - AHT- Study ---
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