Time for new photos for the 2016 Calendar!!! 

Every year we create an Otterhound Calender which consists of photos that we receive of Otterhound owners.

The calenders come in A4 format with a spiralfastening and will cost
16,50 € (Including postage).

We will except photos of hounds on their own without people in the photos.
Winter photos as well as photos in motion are very welcome.

If you do have a nice photo that you would like to see in our calendar please send it to:

(Make sure it is a high resolution of no less than 800 Pixel
as this will give us a good quality for the calendar)

 Orders will be collected up until the 1st of November after which we will hand it over to be printed. They will be sent out to you at the end of November/beginning of December.

The new Calendar 2016 is available!!!
It can be bought for 15 Euro per peace at the meeting,
or you can order for 16.50 Euro ( inclusive postage ) 


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Last Update 30.10.2015


---Shows 2016---

Info will be shown here soon

-- Mantrailing- Seminare 2016--

as soon as we have the dates for 2016 they will apear here


---Club meeting ---

The next Otterhound get-together
in Ingelheim
More under "Club- meetings"


---Important - AHT- Study ---
More under "Health tips"
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