Becoming a member

Own an Otterhound? – Or maybe not, but are a fan of this breed?

(Or maybe want to become one?)

Everyone that wants to be involved with the Otterhound or just likes to spend their spare time with hounds can take part with us.

Every member that finds their way to us this year (2014) will receive the Otterhound Calendar 2015 free of charge.

Also you will receive every Otterhound Newsletter as well as invitations to activities (walks, club meetings, visits to shows) of the club.

Annual club fee:

single membership      24 Euro
Joint membership       34 Euro
foreign membership    16 Euro

Should you be interested in supporting us then we would like to ask you to contact us via our contact page or send us an E-Mail to

You will then receive an application form. Of course you are also welcome to contact us with any other questions about the Otterhound or the Club that might be on your mind.

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Last Update 30.10.2015


---Shows 2016---

Info will be shown here soon

-- Mantrailing- Seminare 2016--

as soon as we have the dates for 2016 they will apear here


---Club meeting ---

The next Otterhound get-together
in Ingelheim
More under "Club- meetings"


---Important - AHT- Study ---
More under "Health tips"
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