2013 Man-Trailing Seminar


Mantrailing- Seminar 2013

with Albert Küng & Theresa Kessler





The search begins...

Henrik & Amber

get ready.

First sniff-sniff....

...and off they go!



Laura & Sydney

At the Start

A divergence?

...no way!

Sydney gives it her all and... soon

Henrik is saved!!


Heike and Rufus

 with swingin' enthusiasm

 and excitement

and despite the temptation of wild boar


get the Job done!

Henrik is found!

and Rufi receives his well-earned treat.


 Irm & Otto

 have the System down pat.


 through water



 and bush

 to free Ulle

 and Henrik ...

Dariush & Sheela

 At the old cemetary

 where perhaps there's more than just a few old bones to find.

 A bit of doubt? just checking the wind...

 ...now all is clear!


Ulle & Ulme

Goldendoodle Ulme

 is an ace on every terrain.

 With Ulle at the other end of the lead,

 she solves each and every difficult task...

Katja & Holly

Holly isn't quite with the game at first...

 but once the scent has taken hold...

 there's no stoppin' her!

 off she goes down the right path

trailin' like the best of them to her goal!







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