Berlin Meeting

On Saturday the 9th of April it was finally time.

Our miniature Otterhound meeting is taking place.



The Lady (Colleen) from the cosmopolitan city of Berlin meets her uncle.

As we arrive we can hear loud baying already, dog lovers know right away that this can only be the home of an Otterhound.

We get out of the car and see the two-legged servant of the rulers of the giant piece of land opening the gate. Colleen jumps out of the car in which  her chauffeur and her waiting maid brought her here and then the wild hunt immediately started.


Whilst those two play catch we get the chance to get to know one another as well. The coffee is also ready and we intend to enjoy a nice piece of Cake to go with it.

No way! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

That will not happen though because our four-legged friends want to have some too. They do not understand at all that they can not have any human cake.

After a while they finally understand and run around again. Otti-li always following Colleen, she smells so good, could there be something, but no, Colleen does not like it and tells him off firmly.

But as boys are, they don't give up so easily.
Meanwhile, Colleen discovered
the toy box of Otti-li  and spread its contents out all over the garden, like she has no toys at home.

beautiful sunny day is now drawing to a close and it is getting cool. We must persuade our doll strongly that we want to go home because they both could still play a while.

Finally, we made it, leaving a sad Otti-li behind, who waits a few hours,  scans his garden and checks at the gate to see whether Colleen will somehow come back.
Otti is a dear uncle and despite his 57 kg (5 years) he has always been a gentleman to Colleen 28 kg (11 months).
We note that it was a beautiful afternoon and we decide to meet again after our vacation in the garden in Berlin Spandau. That is quite small but we are sure the kids will feel comfortable.

Written by
Gerda & Ralf Nöldner

( Otti-li ) in Thaefelde Börnicke.
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