Houndville Dasher
Nord Uch C.I.B Houndville Dasher

 born: 20.04.2011  color: black & tan

Sire: Hunter van de Kweb
Dam: Houndville Actress

Health Check:
Hips: C (FCI-Sweden)
Elbows: 0

 Dog Show Results:
Swedish Champion
Finnish Champion
Norwegian Champion
Nordic Champion
International Champion
Sprocket will take part in a Trailing competition
in Summer 2014 
                         He resides in the North of Sweden.
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Last Update 30.10.2015


---Shows 2016---

Info will be shown here soon

-- Mantrailing- Seminare 2016--

as soon as we have the dates for 2016 they will apear here


---Club meeting ---

The next Otterhound get-together
in Ingelheim
More under "Club- meetings"


---Important - AHT- Study ---
More under "Health tips"
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