Food for dogs with allergies

If your vet suspects a food allergy than you will have to iliminate foods . This means you feed just beef for a couple of weeks, if the problem persists you cut out beef and feed lamb etc. until you eventually find the trigger of the allergy!


Whilst testing out a specific food due to an allergy
you must also use just this as a treat!!!!
- No Pigsears or other treat is to be fed in between
- purely the food which you are testing!!!

(It appears that light skined dogs suffer more from allergies than dark dogs)

Basically, the dog can be allergic against any ingredient of the food, but mostly it's the grain. Therefore, choose a food that consists of only one cereal (rice is usually the most tolerable) and contains only one type of meat. Here look closely at the package, as many dog food labeled for example "Lamb & Rice" do accually have lamb & rice in them, but still also consist of wheat and and and ...

Here you can have a look at the brand "MERA DOG", the products called "Pure Turkey & Rice", "Pure Lamb & Rice" and "Pure Salmon & Rice ". These products really just consist of one cerial and one meat and are also still affordable in comparisson to others. The even offer a "Pure Junior" product for Puppes and Junior dogs.

Should this not help either than you can also find carbohydrate suppliers that use potatoes like for example "MERA DOG" - "Pure Turkey & Potatoe" or Banana like the supplier "FERNIER". These are a fair bit more expensive, however, if this food can avoid having to use expensive cremes and tablets from the vet than it may well turn out more affordable.

I do know that it may be difficult to get a hold of Mera dog in some countries, but it is possible.
Other than that I am sure your vet might know of a good product.

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