Which dog food to feed your dog is beginning to borders on faith...

There is those that swear by the BARF (Bones and raw food) diet, some people cook food for their dogs and believe it or not there are people that feed their dogs a vegetarian diet....

(Even a rough coated dogs fur should have a shine to it. )

Personally I find that dried food is good to feed, however, finding the right one can be a challenge as there seem to be hundreds of brands on the market! The main bonus with dried food is its practicality when travelling, also the fact that the dog gets the chance to clean his teeth on the biscuit. When buying a complete dried food you should look at the size of the biscuits, tiny biscuits are not suitable of large breed and the other way round, so for the Otterhound you will want medium to large chunks.
The portions vary also. Some feed twice a day, others just once.
We feed twice a day and the hounds seem happy with this arrangement.
The one thing to avoid is the constant change of food,
this can cause loose stool and upset tummies in some,
but specially in puppies and in the senior dogs.
As for the brand, well, that's a matter of opinion, the most expensive is not necessarily better than a no name food. Check the label, if your dog has suffered with food allergies in the past than maybe you want to get the new food checked out by the vet first.
  The other issue always seems to be on whether to feed in raised bowls or not. Well, this is where there are different opinions. I am not 100% sure if anything has been proven yet, but I will promise find out and write more about that subject.

You can also give your dog bones in between (that's if he has not got any problems with bones). Whatever you do though, never give cooked bones, they will splinter, nor any bones of any type of bird as these are hollow and therefore splinter raw as well as cooked. I would personally also avoid marrow bones as the dog can get its tongue trapped in the hole. I have seen this once and stopped giving these type of bones to my dogs from there on.

For training your puppy or adult dog I would suggest to use the normal dried food that you feed the dog, that way you can deduct it directly from the main meals and avoid the dog becoming overweight.
For special occasions you can of course use something more tasty like little tripe or dried fish tit bits.

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