My dog is lame
Basically, lameness can have all kind of possible causes ...
These range from pulled muscles,injured ligaments, sprains - even the exceptional case of a tumor on the spine, we have had with the Otterhounds already, leading to lameness.
An investigation by a veterinarian is therefore essential in any case, if no improvement occurs within a couple of days of rest.
Should fever occur than you know this indicates an infection - you need to go to the vet immediately.

However, there are young dogs, aged between 5 and 18 months (most often males) which suffer from a relatively common disease - "panosteitis" (inflammation of the bone tissue). Perhaps it is related to rapid growth of the affected dog. This disease occurs for example common in German shepherd dogs, but our Otterhound is also a candidate for this problem.

For the dog, panosteitis is painful and
expressed in lameness. Fortunately, the disease heals spontaneously, mostly all by itself. To help the healing in any case the should be immobilised as much as possible, also he should be prescribed additional anti-inflammatory drugs by the veterinary surgeon depending on the severity of the disease.
Of course you will have to consult your vet in this case as self-diagnoses can be dangerous ... But you should
indicate to your veterinarian that the breed is prone to panosteitis.

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