The right Vet

A very often asked question, which is very difficult to answer....

With Veterinarians, it is like with all people, each has their strengths and weaknesses, everyone makes mistakes and one prefers him and another her etc....
Is clear, but it doesn't help you any further!

Those who have not studied veterinary medicine, will find it difficult to assess the work of his veterinarian. But often one can read something out of those small routine chores...
Let us therefore take a look at the vaccination!

Of course, the vet should be calm and deal kindly with your dog. But above all, before each vaccination he should check the animal for any obvious health concerns. The vet should look at the nose and eyes and take a look in the mouth and ears. He should listen to the animal (heart, lung etc.). He should also check the lymph nodes and have a look at the sex organs in order to get a picture of the general condition of the dog before he vaccinates! - Only a healthy dog is to be vaccinated!
If he does
not do this , or does not do so thoroughly,
I can
only advise to see another Vet instead.

The vet, that in the case of diarrhoea is requesting a stool sample every 2 days for examination as well as sending of samples to the laboratory for the same test over and over again, which only leads to a huge expense and comes along with platitudes such as "Enjoy the time you have with your dog.", is definitely not the right vet!

In the case of more serious health problems always get a second opinion if you are not happy. We know for example a case where a veterinarian was going to euthanize a dog due to increased limes disease levels. - This dog was taken to another vet, ended up having no further problems and lived another 6 years to the ripe age of 12 years and 4 month.
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